2015 Bay Roan Gelding

Slick Robison, Weatherford, TX

TOUCHDOWN will take you to the end zone every time! He is a perfect combination of brawn and beauty, with his stout, perfectly conformed build, cute head and bay roan color. Under his long forelock is a kind eye that’s a perfect indication of his sweet disposition. Touchdown walks around low-headed, trots and lopes soft and has a great feel under saddle. He’s a horse that works hard, takes a job seriously but is also kind and loves to be loved. He always wants to do right and get along with whoever is riding him. Touchdown was raised on the Nail Ranch in Albany, Texas, and has seen lots of country. He’s put in long hours punching cows and can easily handle a full day’s work. He is bright on a cow, fun to sort on and rope and doctor with. He’s spent plenty of hours tied to a fence or standing in a trailer and has a great work ethic. There’s no buck or funny business with Touchdown. Touchdown has also spent many days in the cutting pen, used as a turnback horse. As a turnback horse, he was hauled and exposed to the horse show life. At a wide, muscular 15.2, he makes a perfect head horse with a lot of athletic ability and an even-keeled temperament. His big stride and quick feet give him speed across the line and a snappy face. His strength helps him handle any size steer easily and honestly; he never gets strong or wants to duck. Touchdown’s naturally cool demeanor keeps him quiet in the box and chill after each run, no matter how many he’s run. He’s been hauled to Worlds Series and other jackpots from Open down to the #9. Touchdown is unique in that he is big and strong but once you’re on his back, he rides like a little horse. Because of his cow horse top side, he’s quick-footed and moves around handily like a little cow horse. Touchdown’s easy stride and good footwork have made him a fun barrel horse, too. Touchdown has never given us a nickel’s worth of trouble and receives compliments wherever he goes! Take Touchdown home and you’ll have a great companion, this we guarantee.