2016 Sorrel Roan Gelding

S/B Rope Horses, Brady & Shelby Black, Kimberly, ID

Tyrone is by far one of our favorite horses we have ever had. This switch ender does it all and does it well. He is as easy of a head horse as you will find, standing great in the box not wiggling an ear. He fires across the line with short, smooth, fast strides right to your spot. He never gets quick letting you handle a steer however you want. Tyrone faces very smooth stepping around very lightly and swift. He has backed in the box at the World Series Finale, been hauled to ranch rodeos, and about every jackpot in between and he is absolutely no stranger to the pay window. We would say Tyrone is more for an upper echelon heeler, though he is very light, and you can put him anywhere, he is not forgiving. His big, strong, sliding stop has bad intentions and will shut a run off. We have taken this horse ranching in almost every state west of the Dakotas, he has seen steep mountains and big plains. He handles himself well in a branding pen, sorting alley or doctoring in pastures. Tyrone is a very handily broke horse, he can do all the maneuvers, he is truly a pleasure to ride. He lopes as smooth and nice of circles as you could ask for. Only being 7 years old he will be able to take care of you for many years to come. If you are in the market for one of the best head horses to come through this sale keep an eye on this great horse. Watch for Tyrone at the jackpots around Wickenburg and we will be posting videos to facebook.com/sbropehorses or call us 254-396-2625.