2016 Blue Roan Gelding

Tyler & Jessea Whitlow, Kimberly, ID

Chrome is the horse everyone wants—eye catching and a head turner everywhere he goes! He was started in the Dean Tuftin Horse Program, and we have owned and finished training him the last five years. This horse has done it all. He is a grandson of the $5 million sire Metallic Cat. He is phenomenal in the heading. He will score like a rock all day, has all the run anyone could want, and the perfect amount of rate. If that isn’t enough, he has an amazing move in the corner. He is the most user-friendly head horse you can ride. Chrome has exceptional talent in the heeling as well. Not only in his sliding stop, but also in his strength to the horn. He is lightly started in the breakaway and shows a lot of potential. Chrome is light in the bridle, and fancy broke with effortless lead changes. Not to mention he can spin a hole in the ground and cut a cow with the best of them. He has always wanted to please, never offering a fight. He is the horse that greets you at the gate. He has been jackpotted on by #4 to #8 riders and is ready to take you to the pay window. If jackpot ropings are not your thing, he is easily the best horse in the branding pen. He never gets anxious, and always remains calm. Chrome has been ridden by a beginner in the barrels (six year old). You can leave him off for six months and he is the same horse when you pull him out. Rock solid on all terrain, not watchy. Time and time again he has proved to be gentle enough for the whole family. Chrome really is a unicorn and has all the physical abilities to be your top horse. He has never taken a lame step. Sells guaranteed sound.