2016 Buckskin

S/B Rope Horses, Brady & Shelby Black, Kimberly, ID

This is Shelby’s pride and joy. Not only will he be your number one contender, but he will be your number one companion. This big pretty buckskin has it all speed, athleticism, personality and of course looks. You can be sure heads will turn when you ride him. Andy is a top-of-the-line head horse. He scores very good but where he really separates himself from other good horses is how he gathers steers up like they are standing still. "Fast" might not do him justice. Shelby has him blasting to the spot and rating off just like one should, he doesn't get quick and allows you to handle a steer however you want. Andy is running in the 1D's at the barrel races and is easy to ride, anyone can get on him and be very competitive. He rides around very nicely and never gets fresh, we have laid him off and he is always the same, if not a little lazier, when we go back to him. Andy is out of the great stud AINT SEEN NOTHIN YET, one of the top barrel horse producers of the last few years. We have taken him out on the ranch, and he's seen everything. He is no stranger to the branding pen or gathering big country. Andy is going to take care of you whether you are doing a job or just out for a leisurely trail ride. Watch for him at the jackpots around Wickenburg and facebook.com/sbropehorses for videos. You can call us to chat about him at 254-396-2625.