2014 Chestnut

S/B Rope Horses, Brady & Shelby Black, Kimberly, ID

Smooth, catty, elegant, and broke! Pepsi stands 15 hands and weighs 1,300 lbs., with a confirmation to last a lifetime. He has been hauled heading, heeling, barrels, breakaway, and mounted shooting. He has been everywhere from backyard jackpots to the big lights of Las Vegas and has taken us to the pay window a lot. This horse is very quiet in the box, has ALOT of run, easy to rope and handle on, and can really face. Heeling on Pepsi is a blast, he is very forgiving and light, letting you put him wherever you want, then has a smooth, correct stop and strong to the horn. He will fit any number of roper on either end, he is truly a great switch-ender. Pepsi doesn't just shine in the roping pen, but he is great out on the ranch, he has seen hundreds of miles of wide-open country and travels like a dream, outstanding in the branding pen and he is a 2D barrel horse with room for improvement. Pepsi is a trained cowhorse loping nice, collected circles, good spins and great stop. This horse is royally bred going back to great cow horses on the top and bottom. As long as we have had Pepsi, we have let quite a few people ride him and everyone that swung a leg over him enjoyed him. Keep a look out for him at the jackpots and barrel races around Wickenburg. Watch our facebook for videos facebook.com/sbropehorses and feel free to call us at 254-396-2625.