2016 Bay Gelding

Casey Hicks, Talala, OK

Boonsmall Woodenhart aka “Woody” is one of the few horses I have encountered in my training career that I would be content owning forever. I bought Woody as a weanling, and he has been nothing but willing since the first day I brought him home. Woody is a 7-year-old bay gelding, stands 14.3 hands and approximately 1150lbs. He has a beautiful long, thick, coal black mane and tail. Woody is one of the most conformationally correct horses I have been around—he is a head turner! Woody is as fancy broke as you could ask for. He will ride, slide and make you look good while you’re doing it. Woody is a switch ender but has made an exceptional heel horse that has just started to scratch the surface of his career and suitable for almost every level of roper. Woody was the 2020 OQHA honor roll Jr head horse and the 2021 HPI Champion head horse as well as over $4,000 won heeling in the American Rope Horse Futurity Association. You’re more than welcome to come try him and get a pre-purchase before the sale. Call me at 573-714-5460 with any questions you may have.