2015 Buckskin Gelding

Turner Performance Horses, LLC - Congress, AZ

Shiloh is a jaw-dropping handsome gelding topped with the MOST SOUGHT color in the West! Matt Dillon would be so proud to ride Shiloh; we know you will be too! Most importantly, he has a pedigree that speaks versatility, which he translates into his talents. He has exceptional and flawless conformation and very correct bone. Shiloh is comfortable to ride like a Cadillac is to drive—feels great underneath you. Travels so smoothly and collected with his hocks always under him. Whether we're hauling him to ropings, horse shows, or the parade, he is an absolute crowd favorite amongst our team! Shiloh is a genuine all-around gelding who excels in the Ranch versatility, trails, and Cowhorse and is also a top switch-end rope horse. You'll really enjoy strolling through the crowd and the trails on Shiloh. He goes where you point him, and he will let you pack your lunch and eat it horseback. He has been a real ranch horse branded, doctored cattle, and gathered giant mountain pastures. Also, has been used to work buffalo. He is one you always feel safe on when you're in those tight spots. He is trained to lie down and curbside to mount. In the roping events, you couldn't ask for a better build, he can steal starts, and he will hold up to the test of time. Shiloh is very user-friendly, scores, runs, and rates cattle exceptionally well, and has a neat move in the corner and across the pen with a very snappy face. Heeling is an absolute breeze; he always seems to be in the right place and has impeccable timing. He is straightforward when you rein him and responds off of leg pressure. A smooth Loper switches leads easily, has a pretty turnaround, and can stop. He is loaded with Cow and watches one in front of him, down the fence, and in the roping arena. He is friendly and fun to be around. Shiloh hauls with other horses and pastures with them as well. We think a lot of Shiloh, and we would like to keep him. However, we are excited to offer him at The Horse Sale! Come and try him at our ranch here in Arizona and keep your eye out for him at the ropings. Watch his video at Turnerperformancehorses.com or give us a ring at 406-381-2347. He just recently passed a vet exam along with radiographs. Look for Shiloh at events this winter; come introduce yourself. We love to talk horses. An absolute sale highlight we are so proud to offer.