2017 Bay Gelding

Jade Stoddard, Sugar City, ID

Chamberlin is an All-Star! Really pretty, bay heel horse Deluxe! Making a very nice Breakaway horse as well! Check all the boxes on this talented Rope horse—14.3 Hands, heavy built, quiet in the box, rates cattle perfectly and always right where he needs to be! He is consistent and honest. Very broke and gentle—easy to get along with, no bad habits. Has never offered to buck—a real gentleman. He is a reining horse—great handle, knows lead changes and has a BIG stop. His good disposition makes him a fun trail horse. He crosses water, safe on the trail and sure-footed in tough terrain. Stays sound and stays broke. Lay him off for a while, no problem. Always the same great horse! We have used him on our ranch. He is a dream to have around—very cowy and talented. Gets along great by himself or with other horses. Good to haul, shoe and bathe. You and your family will love Chamberlin! For more info call 208-308-3885.