2017 Sorrel Gelding

J Arrow Livestock, Jerry & Megan Cobb, Wickenburg, AZ

One-in-a-million talent, disposition, looks, and personality! Bugsy is the total package. Trained in the cutting Bugsy will really watch a cow but is not afraid of one. We have had him for two years and have truly enjoyed him. He’s everyone’s favorite in our family. We have used him outside on the ranch where he is extremely fun to sort and brand on. Jerry has hauled him for the last year in the heeling including the World Series Finale in Vegas last year and every big jackpot in between. Bugsy excels in any pressure situation, he can handle lots of runs. He will work as good on the twentieth run as he did on the first!! Megan has also hauled him to breakaway jackpots and a few rodeos. Bugsy breaks hard is extremely fast to a cow and will drag his butt! He scores extremely good he would fit someone wanting to enter ProRodeos or a high schooler as well. We have rode Bugsy at many ranch rodeos where he always shines with his natural athletic abilities, cow sense and try! I don’t think there’s a horse around that will try and give you everything he has every time like Bugsy. He was the Top Hand Horse at the Chief Joseph Days Ranch Rodeo in 2022! If he makes a mistake, it’s not on purpose, he always aims to please you no matter what you're asking him to do. Bugsy is also very safe and gentle. You can lay him off, lope one circle and rope! He will not buck you off! Our 9-year-old son has roped on him in the branding pen, tracked calves on him and roped the hot heels. Bugsy tries had for any level of rider and always aims to please you. Please call for more information or come try Bugsy! He will be in Arizona all winter! Call Jerry at 208-550-0992 or Megan at 541-263-1479.