2018 Black Gelding

Rory Patten, Wittman, AZ

Finley is a beautiful 5-year-old Black gelding who is gentle, safe, kind, and good for absolutely anyone, of any age to ride or rope on! He was raised from a baby right here on our ranch. We own his Sire and Dam and are proud to offer him for sale at one of the most prestigious rope horse sales in the country. He is a true representative of what we strive to raise at Patten Rope Horses. Finley has the beautiful black coat that shines in any spotlight! And he is sure to be in the spotlight when you ride into any arena! He is a very nice head & heel horse that is great in the box, scores awesome and runs right where you want him. Finley has been hauled to jackpots on both ends. He can be ridden by anyone that can throw their leg over him, he is smooth and easy to ride. He is easy to catch and will meet you at the gate. Finley is good with other horse and has been ridden out in big country on our ranch, and travels out confidently over deadfall and has also been on Mountain trips and across rivers! He is a 5-year-old with a 10-year-old mind, he is calm, cool and collected. He is great to bathe, clip, and shoe! Finley is also current on, deworming, vaccinations, and dental work. Please give us a call and come try him for yourself at our ranch in AZ—he will be there all winter! Contact Rory at 780-542-0643.