LOT 12: captain


2014 Gray Gelding

Chance Shurtz

Captain is a work horse, the kind you take to work on Monday through Thursday and then have him take you to the pay window on the weekends! Captain smooth riding, soft, strong, and ready to do whatever you ask him in either a ranching aspect or turning steers at the jackpot! He’s honest, patterned and proven in the team roping world. He scores, runs, rates, pulls, faces and looks pretty doing it! To ranch on he a Cadillac he will do any and every ranching job on the place, he’s been used the doctor sick ones, been used to brand and move big pastures on big outfits, roped and lead out cattle on him he will do just about anything you ask him but with that being said he is not a dead head, he is very much aware of his surroundings and is a little on the watchy side when your on the ground but nothing that's gonna hurt anyone! You can leave him off for plenty of time and he’s never gonna get fresh or do anything to hurt anyone, He’s just a good solid horse that you can take and do whatever you need on