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Sale Terms & Conditions

Consignor Terms & Conditions
Last updated February 21, 2023

Important notices to consignors. Please read and familiarize yourself with the Terms and Conditions of this sale. You will be bound by these terms and conditions whether you read them or not. All responsibilities and guarantees lie between the buyer and seller. Note: These Terms and Conditions DO NOT APPLY to "The Horse Sale at Rancho Rio."

1. Nomination fee to Rancho Rio Horse Sales is $500 per head. Pass-out fee is $250. Commission is 8%.

2. You have a right to refuse or accept a bid while horse is still in sale ring. If a horse is sold on grounds after it has been through the ring, that sale must still go through the office.


4. Horse papers MUST be in the consignor's name by sale day. NO EXCEPTIONS! No double transfers allowed. Original papers along with a signed transfer will be due at check-in. NO PAPERS. NO SALE! Failure to meet this requirement will result in your horse being withdrawn from the sale and your consignment fees will be forfeited.

5. Individual negative coggins test within 6 months of sale day, current health certificate and brand inspection as your current state requires must accompany each horse. Due at check-in. NO HORSE WILL BE SOLD WITHOUT CURRENT COGGINS & HEALTH CERTIFICATE.

6. Horses sold which are unsound in eyes, wind, are "windsuckers," "cribbers" or are of a known lameness, must be announced—otherwise all horses are sold sound until the Monday following the sale at 5:00 p.m.

7. All horses MUST have PROFESSIONAL photos at the time of nomination. HIGH RESOLUTION images MUST be submitted via the online form. Photos should be at least 1 MB minimum and under 5 MB maximum in size. Pictures are subject to selection. If images are of low-quality horse will not be considered.

8. Your horse is cataloged for the benefit of advertising the horse and giving everyone a fair opportunity to bid on the horse. Once your horse is selected, we DO expect the horse to be brought to the sale. Upon execution of this contract, consignor agrees not to sell the horse in a private treaty. Any horse withdrawn from the sale, for any reason other than infirmity, will be assessed a $500 fee in addition to the $500 nomination fee.

9. It will be your responsibility to get your horse to and from the sale ring at your designated time and to feed/water your horse. DO NOT DROP OFF YOUR HORSE AND LEAVE.

10. Stalls will be provided for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights only; additional nights are $20 per night

11. With the specific and limited nature of the event, in order for your horse to be considered for this sale, the nomination fee ($500) and pass-out fee ($250) must be received. Horse sale management will make final sale selection by date specified under sale details. At that time, full and complete refunds will be made to the horses that are not selected.

12. By submitting this form with required fees, provides no guarantee that submitted horse will be selected in the sale, final decisions with regards to the selected horses will solely be determined by management.

Buyer Terms & Conditions
Last Updated February 21, 2023

Important notices to prospective buyers please read and familiarize yourself with the Terms and Conditions of this sale. You will be bound by these terms and conditions whether you read them or not. All responsibilities and guarantees lie between the buyer and seller.

PHONE & INTERNET BIDS: All phone and internet bids will be handled by the company specified on the sale detail page.

ERRORS: Every effort has been made to assure the correctness of the catalog and/or online listings. The sales management and auctioneers are not responsible for error of omissions and assumes no liability on its part as to any statements verbal or written regarding horses sold. Buyers are cautioned to pay close attention the auctioneer’s announcements as these announcements take precedence over the printed matter in the catalog.

BUYER REGISTRATION: All buyers must register and receive a buyer’s number.

PAYMENT: The terms of the sale are cash, cashier’s check, travelers check or personalized bank check. Bank drafts are not accepted. No postdated checks will be accepted. Payment in full must be made to cashier during or immediately after the sale. All payments shall be in U.S. currency and on US banks only. All payments must made to "Rancho Rio Horse Sale".

IN-RING DISPUTE: If a dispute should arise between or among two or more bidders, the Auctioneer shall settle the dispute, and his decision shall be absolute, final and binding on all parties. Horses are at the buyer’s expense, risk, and responsibility from the instant the horse is knocked down by the auctioneer to that buyer.

RELEASES: Upon receiving payment for a horse, the cashiers will issue an order to obtain delivery. Buyers are cautioned not to lose these orders. Buyers must make arrangement for the care of stock until it can be removed.

GUARANTEES: The seller is responsible for any and all guarantees. Except as otherwise announced by the auctioneer, the consignor warrants the following: 1) Title of the horse is free and clear; 2) The animal is sound of eyes, wind and limb; 3) The animal is not a cribber, windsucker, stall weaver or parrot mouthed; 4) The animal has not been nerved or have navicular disease or is foundered; 5) The sex or condition as a gelding or ridgeling is as described in the sale catalog or announced at time of sale. If any of these conditions are announced, the consignor is held harmless for the condition. Except for the forgoing limited warranties, each animal sold by the consignor without warranty and with all faults. Every horse is sold under this rule: therefore, no horses can be rejected by the buyer when struck off by the auctioneer. Prospective buyers are encouraged to examine horses thoroughly before purchasing.

DISPUTES: In the event a dispute should arise as to a particular defect which should have been, but was not announced, the buyer has the right to have a veterinarian examine the horse he had purchased to determine if the horse suffers from the defect. This examination is to be made and Rancho Rio Horse Sales is to be notified within 72 hours from the end of the sale in which the horse was sold. If the purchaser’s veterinarian determined the horse to have the alleged defect, the Sales Management as agent shall appoint a veterinarian of its choice to determine if the horse has the defect and if the defect was present at the time of sale. His or her decision will be final. If the veterinarian determines that the defect was present at the time of the sale and it was not announced, the sale of said horse shall be null and void and the consignor must pay entry fee and commission as contained in the consignors contract, and the cost of the veterinary examination and veterinary work performed on the horse as a result of the said defect. The sale of the said horse is valid and enforceable, and purchaser assumes all cost and examination and treatment.

RIGHTFUL REJECTION: If the buyer rightfully rejects the animal in the manner stated above and within the time provided. The animal will be returned by the buyer to the consignor will refund to the buyer the full purchase price of the animal.

TITLE: Title to and risk of loss passes to the buyer when the hammer drops. Immediately after the horse is sold, it will be the sole risk and responsibility of the buyer.

COGGINS TEST: All horses in this sale are to have a current negative Coggins.

LIABILITY: Buyers and spectators are cautioned to be careful while on the grounds and particularly while horses are being shown or sold in the sale ring. Neither the owners nor any other person connected with this sale assume any liability legal or otherwise for accident to persons or property, before, during or after the sale. Notice Rancho Rio Horse Sales acts as a selling agency only. Every horse in the sale catalog must pass through the sale ring and all monies pass through the office. All horses must be removed from grounds by Saturday morning by 10:00 a.m.

INSURANCE: Insurance is highly recommended for your new horse. Shadle Insurance will be on-site to get your policy in place. Insurance is required for horses staying on-site more than 24 hours after the sale and for any horse we help arrange transportation on. Insurance will be 3.35% of purchase price.

NOTICE: Rancho Rio Horse Sales acts as a selling agency only. Every horse in the sale catalog must pass through the sale ring and all monies pass through the office.